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Why water alone isn’t enough

In 1965, a University of Florida assistant football coach wanted to find a way to help his team perform better in the summer heat, so he asked the school medical research department for advice. He learned that players were sweating out more water on the football field. Their bodies were being drained of electrolytes as well – essential ionic minerals that water alone can’t provide.

Gatorade was born, working with experts in the field of hydration and electrolyte balance the standard brands were lacking in several ways. Most only provide 2 electrolyte minerals, but research revealed the need for much more.

The popular formulas are also loaded with excessive calories from processed sugars, and often lacked key vitamins that both improved endurance during exercise and provide faster recovery after exercise.

With the help of extensive research and some very bright people, the ultimate sports drink was developed.

We have a more advanced formula than Gatorade, with less sugar, calories and carbs.

Symptoms of dehydration

  • Headaches, fatigue and loss of energy begin with a 2% loss of water.
  • At a 5% loss, you are in danger of heat exhaustion
  • At a 10%, you risk heat stroke, total collapse…and, perhaps, death.
  • Sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium combine into an innovative 4-in-1 complex that transforms ordinary water into serious performance hydration.
  • Without electrolytes, your body simply cannot function.

Reduce body fat, kick start your workout

Prevent weight regain!

Increase lean muscle tone!

Transform body fat into fuel to naturally kick start your workout while reducing body fat, maintaining lean muscle mass, and increasing endurance with less fatigue and soreness.

“Why can’t humans access their fat the same way?” as animals that hibernate for 6-8 months and live off their body fat.

The search for the answer has lead to an incredible product that has helped us tap into stored body fat.

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