Prostate Story 2013

If your PSA reading is elevated say 8 – 10, I would say to increase the daily dosage of our jaw dropping vitamins to 2 to 3 capsules per day for the first 3 months and then return to 1 capsule per day as a maintenance program from then onwards.

Also take the recommended amount of our Grape seed/Grape skin vitamin – 1 capsule per 16Kg of body weight average per day is 4 capsules (64 – 70Kg), or 5 per day (70 – 80Kg).

We have seen some wonderful results with men suffering Prostate problems, some have reduced their PSA reading from 10 back to 2.

This happened to myself and my brother. We both refused to go under the knife for the fix.

We also recommend the Vitality for men tablets as well.


Rob & Jo Wilkie

QLD Australia.