Pet & Animal Care

Natures products to help Pets & animals with their ailments. If you have not already done so, removing all of the grocery store brand cleaning and personal care products from your home is probably the easiest thing you can do to prolong the good health of your pets. Animals are more sensitive to toxic chemical vapors than we are because they are much lower to the ground where the vapors accumulate.

Skin & Haircare

The hair & skin of most animals should not be overly washed with harsh detergents or shampoos. Not only for Pets but Farm animals also.IMG_0618[1]

  • Cats & Dogs
  • Horses
  • Cattle, Calves, Cows
  • Chickens
  • Goats
  • Pigs, Hogs
  • Sheep, Lambs

Tips & ideas for healthy animals.

Pet shampoo gently cleans & deodorizes without irritation to keep your pet looking clean & healthy & feel incredibly soft.

Pet Shampoo features:

jojoba oil – Colourless, odorless, non-irritating oil that moisturizes & softens fur while adding shine & luster to the coat.

Odor neutralizing fragrance – Eliminates pet odor instead of masking with perfumes.

There is nothing like the unconditional love in your pet snuggle, & there’s nothing that keeps your pet as clean, fresh as our Pet Shampoo.

Products Available

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