Crohn’s Disease 2013

From Carole in S.Australia

Well I have the best news ever since I partnered with with this VIP  Wellness Company. Three months ago Peter Lobb a truck driver, came to our home and opened an account with us, hopeful that our products might help his Crohn’s disease. I was advised by the Company, to suggest Peter take the daily for life pack. I asked Peter to get a blood test done, take the vitamins for 3 months and have another blood test done and compare results.

This poor man has suffered Crohn’s since he was in his twenties, having 4 major operations over the past 37yrs each time taking huge amounts of his intestine, with no amount of modern medicine helping and has lived in constant pain. Less than 2 yrs ago Peter was advised to have regular bouts of chemo, which was hard for him to endure but the doctors were out of options for him. We kept in touch over the last 3mths, with Peter informing us after only 2 weeks that he felt the best he’d felt in ages, he had one session of chemo during the 3mths and he said he breezed through it for the first time ever, but this still didn’t prepare us for the incredible news to come from his second blood test this Tuesday.

Peters white cell blood count was ZERO, which amazed the doctors as this is the first time since Crohn’s that he managed a Zero count. Also Peters normally high blood pressure had dropped to normal. Peter feels on top of the world with his amazing news and asked me to share his results and said he will talk to anyone who’s as sick as he was. For most the saying goes life begins at forty, however for Peter who recently turned 60, life has begun at 60. I feel so happy that we were able to give Peter a new lease of life with these amazing Jaw dropping Natural vitamins. I love my new job helping people to better health and getting paid to do it, it’s the best form of employment I’ve ever had.